This blog was created by two teens who want to express their love for local and up-and-coming bands.

We see a lot of love on here for bands that have so much talent and love for music, and hardly any attention is given to these bands. This blog is made for you. This blog is for people who attend local shows and support local bands and simply want to spread the word about these bands! It can be your favourite band, bands you've seen live that really impressed you, bands you've heard of through friends, etc.

THIS BLOG SUPPORTS ANY AND ALL GENRES OF MUSIC! Rock, hardcore, ska, punk, indie, metal, folk, classical, pop, ANYTHING.
We want YOU to be able to share/submit local bands, promote shows in your area, and spread the word about your favourite local bands!



He formed the band Coprocardiectomy in 1999 with Ollie jones

Andrey “£**<#£*” Kuklin

He was born In Japan but he resided to USA To join coprocardiectomy

Forrest Stedt

At the age of 21,He was the youngest And the Drummer of Coprocardiectomy


Californian slam death Metal band


Ultra polish Brutal Death Metal band